Wandering Through Charleston Alleys

Last year, I went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit a friend. It was my first time in the Deep South, and it was nice to visit a city with so much history. I like living in Dallas, but everything here is so shiny and new. Even our oldest buildings are a century old at most, while Charleston has houses and churches from before the American Revolution. I took a lot of pictures on the trip, so I’ve broken it up into several categories, starting with some pictures of narrow and winding Charleston alleys, pathways and courtyards.


Charleston Alleys 01

I love these old brick walls covered in moss and vegetation.

Charleston Alleys 02

Some alleys are spooky even in broad daylight.

Charleston Alleys 03

Peeking in on a private alley.

Charleston Alleys 04

I love the way the flag frames this little walkway.

Charleston Alleys 05

Pirates Courtyard. Yes, there were real pirates in Charleston back in the day, most notably Blackbeard.

Charleston Alleys 06

This semi-enclosed courtyard reminds me of Spain.

Charleston Alleys 07

I love the wrought iron scrollwork.

Charleston Alleys 08

Another secret garden.

Charleston Alleys 09

Cute kitty hanging out in the yard.

Charleston Alleys 10

When it comes to alleys, narrower is better.

Charleston Alleys 11

My favorite old distressed wall. You won’t find this in Dallas.

Charleston Alleys 12

The alley goes on and on.

Charleston Alleys 13

This alley has lots of shade and vegetation.

Charleston Alleys 14

Coming from Dallas, where even minor streets are six lane boulevards, it’s refreshing to see such narrow streets.


Have you ever visited South Carolina? If so, did you spend much time exploring Charleston alleys? If so, let me know what you thought in the comment section.

Steve Lovelace

Steve Lovelace is a writer and graphic artist. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas. He blogs regularly at http://steve-lovelace.com.

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