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Scarface Artificial Sweeteners 2

Diet Soda and Artificial Sweeteners

Confession time: as a little kid (maybe six or seven), I would steal packets of Equal from the kitchen and eat the aspartame inside. My mom would find the remains under the couch cushions....

Fast Food Pyramid 2

Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

Losing weight is a humbling experience. On the surface, it seems easy. Eat less calories. Eat better calories. Repeat. And yet, I still find myself eating crap, and too much of it. I still...

Mostly Sugar Orange Juice 2

Falling Out of Love with Orange Juice

I used to drink orange juice everyday: a big old glass with breakfast. And since I often eat breakfast foods for dinner, I would have some OJ in the evening a lot too. Growing...

Jurassic Park West Nile Logo 1

Sprinkler Systems and the West Nile Virus

This summer has had one of the worst droughts on record, yet here in Dallas, we’re dealing with a mosquito-borne epidemic called West Nile Virus. Now mosquitoes thrive in wet areas, laying their eggs...

Rock climbing 3

Rock Climbing

Last week, I went to a rock climbing gym with my friends who climb every week. Unlike them, I am overweight and out of shape. I strapped up and clipped into the belay. Then...