Steve Lovelace: Portfolio

My name is Steve Lovelace, and I am a graphic designer based out of Dallas, Texas. With more than a decade of graphic design experience, I am adept at both digital and print design, including web/social media graphics, emails, flyers, brochures, and signage. I am a detail-oriented artist with an eye for the big picture, using my creative skills to strategically craft an integrated message for any given audience. Take a look at my portfolio and see what you think.

Print Design

Annual Reports

During my time at Communities In Schools, I designed a number of 8.5×11″ annual reports for the organization, including the cover design, overall layout, photos, and most of the copy.

2015 Annual Report (View PDF)
2016 Annual Report (View PDF)
2017 Annual Report (View PDF)


Throughout my graphic design career, I have designed many glossy 4×6″ postcards for local businesses and as well as charity events. Here are a couple of examples.

Connected Community Luncheon “save the date”
Emily’s Maids mailer

Digital Design

Social Media Campaigns

Throughout my marketing career, I have created social media campaigns, along with their associated graphics, for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Southern Methodist University Intersessions course (2018)
College Bridge Mastery Grading Conference (2021)

Web Design

Since 2011, I have used WordPress, as well as Elementor, to create modern, responsive web layouts. You can view more of my web design work at steve-lovelace.com, cisdallas.org, and college-bridge.org.

Communities In Schools website: 2018
Steve Lovelace Website 2018
Steve Lovelace website: 2018 (link)

Email Newsletters

I have extensive experience creating email newsletters, writing copy, choosing images, and laying everything out in Constant Contact.

Communities In Schools Newsletter
May 2019 (link)
Communities In Schools Newsletter
May 2021 (link)
College Bridge Newsletter: May 2021
College Bridge Newsletter
May 2021 (link)

Product Design

The Corporate States of America Poster

I designed the Corporate States of America map for my blog back in 2012. It later went viral, getting featured in BuzzFeed, Mental Floss and the Huffington Post. Here is a poster design I made available for sale in 2013.

Corporate States of America Poster


In my spare time, I like to design tee shirts, which I sell on Woot, RedBubble, and Society6.

Beer Snob
Beer Snob
Periodic Table of America
Periodic Table of America

Playing Cards

Since 2017, I have collaborated in an community art project through AIGA DFW, in which we design a deck of playing cards, with each designer taking one card. Here are a few of my contributions.

4 of Spades (2017)
Crab (2019)
Amarok (2021)

Digital Art


One of my favorite artistic techniques is to create digital portraits using just a few shades of gray, exaggerating highlights and shadows to create a bold screen-printed look.

Ernest Hemingway (2021)
Lord Kitchener (2018)
Vanilla Ice (2017)

Pixel Art

My art style is heavily influenced by old video games. I like making pixel art that communicates complex concepts with a small number of colors and blocks.

Digital Hedgehog
Digital Hedgehog
8-Bit Coat of Arms
8-Bit Coat of Arms
Susan Kare Pixel Art
Susan Kare Pixel Art


Communities In Schools Video

During my time at Communities In Schools, I created several videos for our fundraising campaigns, using Adobe Premiere Pro to trim video clips, animate still images, and add music and graphics to each presentation.

Work With Me

To get an estimate, send me an email and let me know what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about my services, please let me know and I will get back to you. Thank you for your interest in my designs. I look forward to hearing from you!