How Mario Got His Mustache

Steve Lovelace

Steve Lovelace is a writer, photographer and graphic artist. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas. He blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at

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2 Responses

  1. March 8, 2013

    […] on my iPhone screen resembled the floating platforms and jump boxes you find in platform games like “Super Mario Bros”. So I booted up my Photoshop and the Mario iPhone was born. The hardest part was rendering the […]

  2. June 16, 2015

    […] meeting people and shopping for geeky items. I also got to meet Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, as well as one of my favorite sci-fi authors, Kevin J. Anderson. I even got a to take a break and […]

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