Fast Times at Fan Expo Dallas

A couple of months ago I got an email from Betsy at The Dallas Socials, asking if I would be willing to cover Fan Expo Dallas 2015 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson convention center downtown. Of course, I jumped at the chance, and it was well worth it. I had a blast taking photos, meeting people and shopping for geeky items. I also got to meet Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, as well as one of my favorite sci-fi authors, Kevin J. Anderson. I even got a to take a break and paint some little plastic miniatures. It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it. Here are just a few of the photos I got while I was there.

Captain America’s Shield

Steve Lovelace with Captain America Shield

I think Captain America’s shield looks pretty good on me.

Charles Martinet

Charles Martinet with Steve Lovelace

I got to meet Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, Luigi and other Nintendo characters.

Kevin J. Anderson

Steve Lovelace with Kevin J Anderson

I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Kevin J. Anderson, who was co-written a ton of prequels and sequels to the Dune series.


Leeloo with Steve Lovelace

A picture of me with Leeloo from the Fifth Element. Only afterward did I realize she had a gun to my head.

Harley Quinn

Silly Little Missy and Me

A picture of me with a professional cosplayer named Silly Little Missy, dressed here as Harley Quinn.


Greedo at Fan Expo Dallas

Greedo from Star Wars. He was going to get a picture of me, but I shot first.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter and Steve Lovelace

This bounty hunter put me in a jail cell, probably for making jokes about Greedo shooting first.

Frozen In Carbonite

Here I am frozen in carbonite, after being captured by the bounty hunter

Here I am frozen in carbonite, after being captured by the bounty hunter.


Steve Lovelace with R4-E1 Droid

A picture with one of the lesser-known Star Wars droids, R4-E1.

Reaper Bones Miniatures

Reaper Bones Miniature 1

Reaper Bones had a booth where you could sit and paint a miniature for free. It was a great place to take a break from walking around.

Reaper Bones Miniature 2

My second Reaper Bones Miniature. I actually messed up with the red paint, but went with it to make her look bloody.

For more pictures from Fan Expo Dallas, check out my coverage of comic con cosplayers both here and at The Dallas Socials. And if you were at the convention center with me and thousands of others, let me know about your experience in the comment section.

Steve Lovelace

Steve Lovelace is a writer and graphic artist. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas. He blogs regularly at

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  1. Meav says:

    It was such a blast to talk with you and your mother during the convention!

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