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Dilbert Pepe the Frog 2

My Former Hero: Scott Adams

I was a big fan of “Dilbert” as a teenager. With its minimalist artwork and focus on office and technology jokes, it was utterly unlike the other comics in the newspaper. Soon I found...

Quaker Oats / The Oatmeal logo mashup 5

The Oatmeal on Inspiration

I’m a big fan of The Oatmeal, an online webcomic/blog by artist Matthew Inman. It’s a hilarious website with original comics. It’s not a regular webcomic like xkcd, but more of a random assortment...

Spock Vegas 1

The Cosplayers of Comic Con

Recently I went to Fan Expo Dallas, my first ever comic con. I went on a media pass to write a series of articles for The Dallas Socials, and there was so much to...