Steve Lovelace

The End of the World Logo 2

The End of the World

There’s something very selfish about doomsday prophecies. It’s the year 2012 and a lot of people are predicting the end of the world. In fact, it’s the biggest year for doomsday since 2000. I’m...

Winooski Through Window 1

On the North Branch of the Winooski River

Last week, I went to Montpelier, Vermont and walked up and down the North Branch of the Winooski River. It was cold out, especially coming from Texas, but it was well worth it. Here...

Madrid Metro Heart 2

An Unexpected Date

I once had an unexpected date in Madrid. It started when I got to Barajas Airport six hours before my friends did. It was a long time to wait, so I decided to check...

DFW Airport vs Manhattan 1

The Wonders of DFW Airport

DFW Airport is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever visited. Not necessarily the most fun, but fascinating nonetheless. I really wish I could spend a couple of days exploring it, by the...

Lake Champlain Moorings 1

The Shores of Lake Champlain

On my third trip to Vermont in December, 2011, I went down to the lake shore in Burlington, Vermont. There I got pictures of Lake Champlain on a relatively warm and sunny winters’ day.

Monopoly Cars 1

Monopoly Set

Monopoly was my favorite game growing up. I started playing it before I was old enough to really understand it. As did my little sister. Once, when we were still both pretty young, I...

128k Mac Running iOS 1

My Resistance to Change

It all started when I got an iPhone. Buying yourself a new toy is not usually a moment for self-reflection, but in this case, it got me thinking. I couldn’t stop thinking about my...

Zombie Family Circus 1

Zombie Comics

One day, I was at Starbucks, sitting next to a basket of newspapers. I saw the comics section and pulled it out. It was my first time reading the comics page in a year...

Gadsden Flag Blueprint 1

The Picture Frame: Story of a Fiasco

Sometimes a simple project can turn into a complete fiasco. The project? To frame a flag. My dad had acquired a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, and he wanted to put it in...

Waikiki Hotel Looking Up 3

Aloha Hawaii: 24 Hours in Waikiki

In February 2006 I moved to American Samoa. Along the way, we had an overnight layover in Honolulu. Most people visit Hawaii for more than a day, but since I only had about 12...