Going to Jerryworld: A Tour of Cowboys Stadium

A couple of years ago, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, decided to build a new ballpark to replace the aging Texas Stadium in Irving. After some wrangling, he ended building a two billion dollar stadium out in Arlington, midway between Dallas and Fort Worth. Since the Dallas Cowboys play less than a dozen home games a year, they’ve got to figure out something to do with Cowboys Stadium for the rest of the year. On off days, they run tours of the stadium. Tickets are normally thirty dollars, but I got a Groupon for fifteen. I was hesitant to spend any money on a stadium tour, but I have to say it was well worth the cost.

The Field

Cowboys Stadium Field

Cowboys Stadium field.

Cowboys Stadium End Zone

This end zone is brought to you by Ford. Everything is sponsored here.

Jerry Jones' Box at Cowboys Stadium

Jerry Jones’ box, overlooking the field.

The Jumbotron

Crazy Fans on the Jumbotron

Crazy fans on the Jumbotron.

Big Butt on Jumbotron

This guy’s butt is at least 10 yards wide on the Jumbotron.

The Structure

Slanted Windows at Cowboys Stadium

Slanted windows along the concourse.

Dotted Windows at Cowboys Stadium

You don’t notice the dotted windows unless you’re up close.

Cowboys Stadium Outer Arch

Two giant arches, set onto 100-foot-deep foundations, hold the building up.

Cowboys Stadium Inner Arch

The arches are so big, I can’t fit them all in one picture.

Dr Pepper Area of Cowboys Stadium

The Dr Pepper deck is bigger than the original Dr Pepper Plant in Dublin, Texas.

Around the Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Golf Shirt

Someone should tell them they’re not playing golf. The higher score wins, not the lower.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room. They weren’t in it at the time, obviously.

Cowboys Stadium Star Chandelier

I love this light fixture, though it’s too big for my living room.

Cowboys Stadium Chain Mail Curtain

A chain mail curtain, the manliest window dressing around.


Road to Six Flags Street

Naming Fail. Is it a road or a street?

Though I’ve lived in Dallas for the last five years, I’ve yet to see a Cowboys game. The Dallas Cowboys may call themselves “America’s Team”, but at the price of the current tickets, not everyone in America can afford to see them. I guess they’ve got to pay for that stadium somehow. Maybe one of these days, I’ll get some friends together for some standing room only tickets. Until then, at least I can say I’ve been, and I can recommend that you check it out sometime. Cowboys Stadium is a monument to hubris and ego, but at least it’s a pretty one.

Steve Lovelace

Steve Lovelace is a writer and graphic artist. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas. He blogs regularly at http://steve-lovelace.com.

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