On the North Branch of the Winooski River

Last week, I went to Montpelier, Vermont to visit my parents for Christmas. A couple of days into the trip, I went out and walked up and down the North Branch of the Winooski River. It was cold out, especially coming from Texas, but it was well worth it. Here are some of my favorite photos from that excursion.

Downtown Montpelier

State Street Bridge

Note that there are buildings over the river. Pretty nifty.

Branches on a Sunny Day

Branches on a sunny day, with snow-covered boulders in the background.

A Small Dam

Falls on a Sunny Day

A little dam on a sunny day.

Winooski Dam on a Cloudy Day

The same little dam on a cloudy day.

Buildings Along the Winooski River

Winooski Ice Floes

Ice floes on the stagnant part of the river.

Winooski River on a Cloudy Day

The Winooski River on a cloudy day. On the left is an old mill that’s been converted into lofts.

Red Brick Building on Winooski River

You can tell that this building was expanded a while back. Notice the variation in the color of the brick.

Branches on a Snowy Day

Winooski Through Window

The river through the window of an old carriage house.

Winooski Branches on a Cloudy Day 1

The river is just starting to freeze.

Winooski Branches on a Cloudy Day 2

Looking downstream from the carriage house window.


Have you ever been to Montpelier, Vermont in the wintertime? If so, what did you think? Let mew know your thoughts in the comment section.

Steve Lovelace

Steve Lovelace is a writer and graphic artist. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas. He blogs regularly at http://steve-lovelace.com.

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  1. terry says:

    I looked these over again. I got up to eight inches on fresh snow.

  1. February 7, 2017

    […] Still, it was a beautiful place, on a sunny winter day, I took my camera and walked around downtown Montpelier, getting pictures from the State House to the corner of State and […]

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