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Music Genres in the 1990s

They were playing 1980s “hair metal” at the coffee shop recently: bands like Guns ‘n Roses and Mötley Crüe. Then all of a sudden, I heard the opening riffs of Nirvana’s “About a Girl”....

Windows Program Manager Vectorized 8

The Rise of Microsoft Windows NT

Early versions of Microsoft Windows were pretty primitive by modern standards. Microsoft intended for Windows to be an interim solution. It started out as a graphical interface that ran atop MS-DOS, making DOS easier...

Bulletin Board System Monitor 3

The Age of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes)

The Internet has existed since 1969, but it was only in the mid-to-late-1990s that it became commonplace in the home. Before that, computer users communicated via more low-tech methods. Many people of the era...