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Advanced Ski Slope for Romance in the Snow 2

Snow Angel

Snow burns my eyes At a Telluride ski resort. My boots are tight. My face is frosty. I stand atop the bunny hill. I push off with the right foot. Slide onto the left,...

Waikiki Hotel Looking Up 6

Aloha Hawaii: 24 Hours in Waikiki

In February 2006 I moved to American Samoa. Along the way, we had an overnight layover in Honolulu. Most people visit Hawaii for more than a day, but since I only had about 12...

My doubt swelled at the sight of every cactus. 1

Mountains in the Distance

Lost in the desert I wandered for years. Mountains looming in every direction. Shining forests of green paradise Calling me from the far horizon. I never got closer to finding my way. Adrift in...