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KFC Honey Sauce Packet 4

Bean Counters and Brand Decay

Branding is not an exact science. In fact, is much more of an art. The most successful brands, like Apple and Starbucks, rely on emotions, rather than rational thinking. And like a personal reputation,...

Wrigley Field Sign for Rent 1

Effective Naming Rights

I’ve always been fascinated by naming rights. Nowadays, most stadiums and arenas are named after corporate sponsors. A lot of events are too. Let’s take a look at the history of this phenomenon, and...

Mocha Frappuccino Cheez-It Crackers 2

27 Kinds of Cheez-Its

Cheez-It Crackers are delicious, but there are too many kinds. Go to your local supermarket, and you’ll find half an aisle of them. Just out of curiosity, I went to the Cheez-It website. It...