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Freeze Warning 2

Frozen Pipes and Big Government

During my first winter in Texas, I saw signs outside all the apartment complexes that said, “Freeze Warning: Keep Faucets Dripping”. This came as a surprise to a Michigander like me. Up north, we...

Snowflakes 1

Meditations on an Ice Storm

Growing up in Michigan, I always laughed at winter storms in southern cities. Every couple of years, you’ll see some normally warm-weather city get blanketed in snow and ice. People up north see these...

Chevy Toyota Logo 4

Slippery Slope

It was an odd winter. Every day above freezing. Every night below. The sleet and freezing rain came, melted a little, and refroze. Soon the whole St. Louis area was covered with three or...

Snowy Fountain in Dallas 2 4

A Snowy Day in Dallas

While Dallas, Texas is known for hot summers and mild winters, we do get a good snowy day every few years. In 2011, just before Super Bowl XLV was scheduled to be hosted at...

Advanced Ski Slope for Romance in the Snow 2

Snow Angel

Snow burns my eyes At a Telluride ski resort. My boots are tight. My face is frosty. I stand atop the bunny hill. I push off with the right foot. Slide onto the left,...

Winooski Through Window 1

On the North Branch of the Winooski River

Last week, I went to Montpelier, Vermont and walked up and down the North Branch of the Winooski River. It was cold out, especially coming from Texas, but it was well worth it. Here...

Lake Champlain Moorings 1

The Shores of Lake Champlain

On my third trip to Vermont in December, 2011, I went down to the lake shore in Burlington, Vermont. There I got pictures of Lake Champlain on a relatively warm and sunny winters’ day.

Lake Champlain Overlook 2

A Wintry Day in Burlington, Vermont

I love to take pictures on sunny days, but when you visit Vermont in the middle of winter, you don’t have that luxury. But even under a dreary winter sky, it’s nice to walk...

Vermont State House 5

Winter in Montpelier, Vermont

I went to visit my parents for Christmas back in December 2009, After several years of living in Texas, Vermont was quite a shock to my system. Still, it was a beautiful place, on...