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Denton Square at Dusk 03 1

Denton Square at Dusk

While I’ve lived in Dallas for almost a decade, I haven’t gotten too familiar with Denton. Old Bank Buildings Denton Square Interesting Signs

Charleston Churches 03 2

Charleston Churches and Cemeteries

Charleston, South Carolina is nicknamed the “Holy City”. Unlike other Holy Cities like Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca, it’s not the center of a great religion and/or a place of pilgrimage. Rather, Charleston is called...

Pixelated Ionic Doric and Corinthian Orders 1

Architectural Detail and 3D Printing

Why doesn’t my local grocery store look like the Cathedral of Notre Dame? Or the Sagrada Familia? It sounds like a silly question. The great cathedrals of Europe took centuries to construct and untold...

Monopoly Houses with Teardown 3

The Ups and Downs of Teardown Houses

Real estate is expensive in Dallas, so the trend is to replace small old houses with bigger, newer ones. These teardown houses are a controversial subject in the Metroplex. From a preservationist standpoint, they...

Swiss Avenue 02 2

The Charities of Swiss Avenue

Like many large cities, Dallas has unofficial districts for different industries. For example, there is a large cluster of interior decorating firms in the Design District. There’s also a mother lode of car dealerships...

UT Dallas 09 2

The Architecture of UT Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas, or UT Dallas, is a college located in Richardson, Texas, several miles north of Dallas proper. (Why they don’t call it UT Richardson is a mystery to me....

Dallas Arts District 03 1

The Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is a small area on the northeast corner of Downtown Dallas. Though it was first envisioned in the late 1970s, most of the buildings have been erected in the last...

Blueprints at Addison Circle 1 4

The New Urbanism in Addison, Texas

Addison, Texas is an affluent suburb just north of Dallas. The city is known for two things: the corporate headquarter buildings all along the Dallas North Tollway, and the plethora of restaurants along Belt...

Highland Park Village Spire 1 4

Highland Park Village: A Historic Strip Mall

Highland Park, Texas is an enclave municipality within the city of Dallas. Along with its northern neighbor, University Park, Highland Park forms the über-rich duo known as the Park Cities. Within Highland Park, right...

Dallas Postcard 5

A Dallas Postcard

I love the old postcards where the letters are filled with local landmarks. A few months ago, I created one for Springfield, Illinois. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to create one for my adopted...