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Denton Square at Dusk 03 1

Denton Square at Dusk

While I’ve lived in Dallas for almost a decade, I haven’t gotten too familiar with Denton. Old Bank Buildings Denton Square Interesting Signs

Sorry Ubuntu Logo 1

Corporate Contrition and Course Correction

It’s never easy to say you’re sorry. This is as true for large corporations as it is for individuals. In the past week or two, I’ve noticed several examples of corporate contrition, some done...

Fast Food Pyramid 1

Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

Losing weight is a humbling experience. On the surface, it seems easy. Eat less calories. Eat better calories. Repeat. And yet, I still find myself eating crap, and too much of it. I still...

Charleston Churches 03 2

Charleston Churches and Cemeteries

Charleston, South Carolina is nicknamed the “Holy City”. Unlike other Holy Cities like Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca, it’s not the center of a great religion and/or a place of pilgrimage. Rather, Charleston is called...

Cities Skylines SimCity 2000 Box Art 3

From SimCity to Cities: Skylines

I’ve never been a hardcore gamer. While I love the aesthetic of 8-bit pixel graphics, I don’t spend a lot of time playing games. While I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. and rudimentary...

Abandoned Mac 4

The Neglected Mac

Back in the 1990s, the Mac was on its way out. Apple was failing as a company, and the future of the platform was in jeopardy. 20 years later, Apple is one of the...

Charleston Alleys 04 3

Wandering Through Charleston Alleys

Last year, I went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit a friend. It was my first time in the Deep South, and it was nice to visit a city with so much history. I...

Waco Texas Fixer Upper Logo 2

The Formulaic Comforts of HGTV

I grew up on a steady diet of This Old House, but since that’s only on every so often, I settle instead on HGTV. I watch it on the treadmill at the gym, and...

Dilbert Pepe the Frog 2

My Former Hero: Scott Adams

I was a big fan of “Dilbert” as a teenager. With its minimalist artwork and focus on office and technology jokes, it was utterly unlike the other comics in the newspaper. Soon I found...